Celine Moongoose - Gamemaker Application

You might not have done big events but your passive RP was amazing and fun
they were great for people wanting something to do that don't like big combat
events. You're a beautiful fun person and we need you and your amazingness back as GM  Heart
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Seems like a nice person in-game
Good application

Celine you were a great builder and I loved having you on the team. I would naturally +1 this but I feel it would be unfair to other applicants who are just applying for the first time that we accept you before anyone else but you still definitely should get a chance. 
Neutral to +1.
Good Luck on the app :)
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Take this as you will, but here's my honest opinion.

You were obviously a great builder, I had seen screenshots and I was impressed, but you didn't do many events during your time as a GM, many many people I had seen speak about you saying you are great at building but rarely ever did any passive rp or events on a regular basis, you asked staff to come to you and expect compliments on your build, while to an extent that's okay if they are free, but if they are taking calls or calls waiting to be taken, that's no beuno.

Now a while back, Thea made a thread and it was something about event ideas, you came onto the thread and kinda started saying you were going to do all this etc, when I commented on the thread simply stating this thread was for her and not for anyone to just come in and take it all, you PM'd me kicking off saying how I have just destroyed you infront on the entire SBS community, we both know that was the biggest overstatement you have ever made, yes maybe I should have PM'd you, but I honestly didn't think you would flip out, I thought you could take it consdering there was no bad intent behind my words.

Another thing I heard was you almost resigned or did resign because you recieved feedback from a member of the staff team and it's been a reoccuring theme behind your character. You need to be able to handle these kinds of things because you're going to become a game maker again, they get the critism the most out of everyone on the team because they are in charge of doing fun events to entertain everyone.

You've got a good heart and are a super kind and heart warming person, but until I feel like you're able to do handle critism and will be doing events whenever possible, it's a -1.
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Application Closed

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