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(07-11-2019, 01:06 AM)Accalia Dark-d’Aquitaine Wrote:
Now I was always on the stricter side of staff but..

The amount of times new staff tell me they have to first warn someone, then kick them, then ban them for an hour and so on.. No, this is completely incorrect. Where the hell are you pulling this shit fr - oh.. The server menu. 

The punishment is given according to the situation and the rule breaker's past history, seriousness of the 'offense' and how they behaved during a sit discussing this offense. Everyone doesn't need to be warned, then kicked, then banned for an hour, then banned for a day... for breaking the same rule over and over again. By this logic the player breaking the rules can just break one rule, get warned for it and then break another rule but only receive a warning since he wasn't warned for that specific thing before. Warnings are there to help players understand the rules. They are not there to tell someone off every single time they purposely do something wrong just so that they can loophole it. 

It's quite clear when someone, usually an experienced player, is purposely doing things. Despite this, I have always taken them into a sit to explain themselves unless it's straight up racism spam or something similiar to this. A great example of this is an older player using Avada  in the school that I had a sit with. I brought them and asked what it was about. They told me they accidentally used the wrong spell. Well fair enough, I have done that as well. What's the reason to ban for an accident? However if the player would have actually purposely killed several people in the school, while being aware of the rule that Avada isn't allowed inside, I would have given them a ban. It's not that difficult or complex. Like people already said, a warning isn't a free pass for older players to get away with anything. If a player who knows the rules purposely does things, he is going to be banned. He isn't going to be warned every single time. Of course there is always a line between a joke and a serious 'offense'. I didn't go right and left banning long time players for making jokes by changing to a fail RP name or calling me a pleb. It is not that difficult to figure out when a thing you are doing has gone too far. 

However as of late things have changed quite a bit from when I was staff. Staff are less strict, becoming way too lenient on players who know what they are doing. I would actually say they are going too easy on players yet we have threads like this, saying how they are too strict? That is incredibly hard to believe. I see people spamming the n-word in adverts for ten minutes straight and then getting banned for three weeks. Are they going to return as a better person? No, no they are not.

Though in the end, I agree with giving people a chance to explain themselves despite of who they are. There are always misunderstandings, accidents and so on. That is why you take the person to a sit before banning them. When it comes to prefect law bans, the player can always message the staff member about it or make a ban appeal, explaining what actually, well in their opinion, happened. I was banned for a fairly long time just because a staff member assumed something without actually speaking to me first about it. Though after an appeal and explaining what had happened, I did get unbanned quickly. Rytedeservedhisbanthough

That's a lot of words but I agree with this
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