Resigned from Marshal Commander

In short I’ve resigned from Marshal Commander on CWRP.

Turns out I’m only really good for fixing 104th lmao. 

I’m not leaving the community, it’s filled with some great people who I consider close friends; including the people who routed for me when I applied for Marshal Commander. 

Sorry for not following up on the changes I wanted to implement, I hope I haven’t disappointed any of you. However, everyone should thank Corgi for the changes and effort he’s made while he’s been Server Manager, hopefully he continues to do great work and possibly have CW become popular again.

Thanks Comet 
We will always appreciate you
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Rip Comet, You wouldve been a great High Comm
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Father, I'm blaming you for me going to you-know-where even though it's full of toxic and incompetent people. 

But for real, even though you resigned before me I may as well say "Welcome to the club" because you made your post after mine. So suck it dad. Although being serious I do want to say that your position was a really good step in the right direction, I just don't think it worked out in the end because of how high maintenance everything is. There are some things you can't just rely on one single person to do, and officers as a whole couldn't work out in the long run just because, like I've said before, the structure of CWRP is a real pain in the ass.

In the end, we did the best we could with what we had. There's nothing more I could ask for. Whatever the next generation is and where they take the server is beyond me.
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Big F in chat for the boy Comet. Holding a position setup the way Marshall Commander is, is just a generally taxing job. You said you are gonna stick around so hopefully I will see you on sometime.
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