Lydia's Gamemaker Application V.2

If you're willing to do more events then yay.
Your builds are amazing and some of them are quite creative.
Good luck panda
Friendly gud boi back at it again
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+1 Your builds look awesome! I don't know much about your first attempt at trial gamemaker, but I don't see the harm in giving you a second chance. Of course, people learn from their mistakes, and a lot of people don't seem confident that things would be any different your second time around, but I'm sure based on all these new ideas (I really like the Victor Krum one) you could make an awesome gamemaker if you do genuinely want to implement them. 

Good luck!
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+1 I usually dont see you on because I play later, but you seem like a great person with great ideas and genuinely want to see others have fun with events, which is all I could ask for in a gamemaker. As far as the failed trial, I feel it will make you strive to be an even better GM than the first time. GL with your app!
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I'll say your events as trial were a bit scuffed, and the ones I witnessed were ruined by Minges/trolls and resulted in rdm

I'm all for second chances and you have some solid event ideas. Hopefully this time your events will go better
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+1 if jesus came back lydia would still be more deserving of gm than him

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