Confusion and to some extent hypocrisy

Alright, I'm gonna go over the points, at the end there'll be a tldr

In the past during staffing times, there were situations that occured all the time and still do where players advert selling and or DOS and a few players swap jobs in order to handle what was adverted. Example: Person X is being sold, Person y swaps job person y "Buying X!". This was for the most part accepted as we can't monitor this 24/7 and literally handling the amount of metagaming that could and does happen is a pain. To summarise that metagaming you have to
Handle people who break NLR
Handle people who attempt to save after the advert
Handle people who swap to buy
All of this happens a lot and for the most part we did allow it.

Skip to sometime in the past 6 months and a situation occured with me where I asked a simple question. A student had free spelled me on an orange based job without a baton. I asked if a DOS was put onto them and I swapped would that be acceptable. I was told no, as that would be considered 'NLR'. Now I suppose this seems reasonable and to an extent I can understand. My arguement here would be why punish those who are trying to do right by the server. To an extent, prefecting helps improve quallity of the server in the right hands. Those who disobey some rules are arrested and therefor allowing this happen would be okay. Anyway, it was a solid no by staff.

Skip forward (Literally in the past 24 hours) a staff member decided to do what I had described in the situation in the first paragraph regarding selling. This perplexes me as it involves the same metagaming i was told off for. Before we argue, these people are in the same position and have been on the staff team a long time. 

So what I'm curious about is:
Does advert NLR count only if you were the person to advert
If you are not an auror/Df member


Should advert NLR only be a thing if it's negatively impactful? I.E Reveals
At all times, which includes selling and DOS

I do understand what you mean when it comes to job swapping to buy someone. I never did it nor encourage it, and just think well that sucks I'm a student and I can't buy. Is it allowed? Well for the most part it's not power gaming. Power gaming would be swapping to Voldemort instead.

On the other hand. Putting a DOS on someone then swapping to prefect is more power gaming an advantage, because even though you have NLR you would still look for the DOS your old job gave, therefore it would make more sense that it isn't allowed.
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It's not powergaming, it's metagaming, as far as I was told.

NLR means 'you don't remember what happened in the past before the new life'
Like I said, while it is more than likely frowned upon, iot isn't enforced a lot for Aurors, because literally everyone does it.

My issue is that despite that, Aurors can do it, but other jobs can't.

I mean, both Auror's and Prefects would know about this sorta stuff, it's their job to know.
But 1 is where another student is being saved to join rp again (And removed from other RP)
The other is being detained because they did something wrong.

The conundrum here is why allow one and not the other, when one is trying to do it's best to make sure the server is a better place by potentially handling those who break rules.

I'm not gonna say everyone does, but there are plenty of staff who will tell me if they free spell me to get a prefect to deal with it. But I've said in the past if they free spell for no roleplay reason then it's their job to handle it and not a prefect.

If staff are going to be adamant about that, while also allowing these aurors to continue, I don't see why it shouldn't be allowed to the DOS to carry over to a new life. This would also mean if a prefect of any type dies after a DOS, shouldn't it be enforced?

Like said, this is a difficult question because it comes with many problems. I certainly disagree with the idea as ensuring the quallity of the server should be the upmost importance of both staff and players.

However I can agree that the concern of abusing this sort of thing can and will exist. Example: stay on dumbledore get hit with stupefy, immedietly DOS and swap. Kinda nuts to do that and unfair. Of course what I am saying should be within reason but regardless of being within reason, hypocritical issues shouldn't arise if we're going to play NLR like that.

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