Pick up a book to explain your love life

So I found this little pearl today and I became curious on what you guys got! 

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Lmao my page 206 WAS ENTIRELY B L A N K  feelsbadman I guess love life just isn't for me hahaha.
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My book was "Dracula" and it pretty much said my love life was "distrustful" and "impotent".
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"Thinner" by Stephen King:
The second time he believed it was going to be impossible to get to his feet again.

Hawt.  Kappa
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"... fatigue and annoyance; for as to what you say, that she cannot manage things,"  feelsbadman
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Sadly only have one book since i don't read much or often at all and it only goes up to page 145 so mines Page 106. 

"The Kybalion Hermetic Philosophy" by Three Initiates

"The Law of Compensation is that the swing in one direction determines the swing in the opposite direction or to the opposite pole - the one balances, or counterbalances, the other."

Fuck if i know what that means haven't even read up to that page.
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*Picks up closest books and reads the sentence in full*

''And with repeated blows, he inflicted a great slaughter on them ... 
Then he went down and remained in a cavern on the cliff of Etam"
Judges 15:8

*well alright then*
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