Focus's Moderator Application #5

(1.) What is your SteamID and your Steam URL? -  STEAM_0:1:238102508

 (1a) What is your most recent ingame name? - ARF FS Focus

 (1b) What battalion are you in? - 104th Wolfpack
 (2.) What Timezone do you live in? - EST (Eastern Standard Time)
 (2a) Please put what times you are most active in CST (Chicago US), so the managers know when they can expect to see you. - 5 PM to 1 AM Most of the time.
 (3.) How old are you? - 17
 (4.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? - Found SBS by scrolling through StarwarsRP Server Join this and never stopped playing it.
 (4a) How can we be sure you will stay active and loyal (with your time) to Star by Star? - In My eyes I am a very active member of SBS and are active on all servers I love SBS and don't feel a reason to ever leave what I Love.
 (4b) Do you understand you can be let go at ANY time for inactivity? - I understand.
 (5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with, but also enforce the rules of the Server when necessary? - I comply and agree to force the rules of the server
 (5a) When listing the rules please explain what they mean to show that you understand them.
 List Rules below:
 1: Do not Fail RP - Also Meaning Fail Roleplay someone who's fail roleplaying does not Follow orders and is not acting serious when they need to be.
 2: Be respectful towards other players and staff - Do not be rude or a jerk to any player on the server no means necessary if theirs a problem report it to an admin. 
 3: Do not RDM - "Random Death match" means you can not shoot any person whenever you want too the only time you can kill another player is if it is for RP reasons or you are ordered to by one of the RP leaders. Never        shoot anyone trying to shoot you. you would get in more trouble.
 4: Obey Staff and RP leaders - When ever a RP leader like commander or any higher up is giving you orders you listen. The same thing with staff always obey staff or it will result in a kick or ban.
 5: Do not mic/chat spam - do not be annoying in anyway using your mic or chat and endless spam of words or phrases will result in a Kick more times will result in a ban.

 6: Advert is For RP purposes only - When adverting only use for events passiveRP or sims Never use it for any OOC business Only 2ndLT+ and Navy can use advert but its only use is RP
 7: Salute your commanding Officers - When in a room with a 2nd lieutenant or higher always salute that person if there is multiple salute the highest RP leader in the room.
 8: Do not AFK or map exploit - don't go AFK if you do just Disconnect and come back when you are ready to RP and also do not map exploit which means do not try to get outside of the ship on top of the ship or all the way down to the bottom of the map it will end up in a kick.

 (5b) Expain what the term "minge" means, when referring to a player on the server - A minge is a certain type of person who has no Intent to RP and breaks many rules and Ruins the Roleplay experience for everyone.
 (6.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) - My Name is Logan and I would Like to try to be a moderator for the server again. I made mistakes the last time and I have tried to improve myself on them I would Love to help on the server and Just be given another chance to prove I have improved and show I would be a great pick for the Staff team.
 (7.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? - The New Whitelisting system thats being used
 (8.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? - Whats sets me apart from others is my experience of being a mod on the server and drive to become A mod again (you can tell from my 5 Mod Apps only on this server)
 (9.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) - Only on this server.
 (10.) Have you ever been banned on any Garrys Mod/SBS servers? If yes, then please list when, how long, and the reason. - Twice on this server months Ago.
 (11.) Are the Server staff or the players more important? Why? - The players are more important. they are the ones who make the server what it is we are just here to guide them in the right path.
 (12) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, response time, etc) - 
1. Patience 9/10 - I have very good patience I take my time almost always and I would never lose patience helping the server.
2. Communication 10/10 - I have a very clear Mic and voice I speak Loud and im easy to understand
3. ULX Commands 10/10 - I have gotten very use to the ULX menu and have gotten to know how to use it properly
4. Response Time 10/10 - Im very quick to respond and even if in the middle of RP i will come to help always.

 (13.) If you do not know how to handle a situation in a mod-sit, what do you do? - I would try to solve it as best as possible if I can't I will consult another Mod or Admin
 (14.) You understand and realize, that by applying for staff on the server also means, that you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to RP freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues at hand no matter the situation? - I understand the Sacrifice
 (15.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If they were accepted, please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application) - (Denied) (accepted, But Released Because of RPing as a Medic without Permission (my stupidity) (was told i could reapply in a week after i was released but when i reapplied it was locked because they said i had to wait a month so i'm reapplying a month later since i was released) (Denied)
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Your application has been reviewed and denied.

- No major or noticeable improvement has been noted.
- A very inconsistent amount of inactivity.

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