Who is your best friend either on the server or off?

Name who your best friend is. ^.^ 
Mine is @Lesley Humperdink, I say that because he’s really funny, caring and has always been there for me since day one, I wouldn’t have made it without him in my life. He may be a pain in the butt sometimes but, I know that he means well. I know there’s people who probably hate him too but, he’s different than how he is one the server and you should never judge a book by its cover. I did that at first, but I’m happy that I did introduce myself to him because like I said I don’t know where I would be without him. <3
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@Cassie Ragnulf shes a twitch thot now!
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Both @Y A G G A and @Lady Millie of the Crown have always been there for me and I've had the most fun playing various games or dicking around on the server with them
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I don't really have a best friend but if I think about my first friends I could tag @Carla Tolkien and Adam (I don't think he's on the forum anymore)

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@Kelly Sparkles-Bubble @KellyDelmoireSanguis-Bubble
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@Seraphin Red @Etlenor K Dragon Rivers @David Elios-EElsord
@Jaypeg Mafia @Bathilda Mcguffins @GinaGovernatore
^^ these are my favourite people in the world :3
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For roleplay that started on another Hogwarts server, @Satia Aeternalis Best Friend <3

But I have so many friends on the server, I really can't just choose one best one. I love all of you!  Heart
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@Seraphin Red @Scentefy @Seraphin Swuff-Red
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@Sage  Heart

@Tommy  Heart I've also got quite a few other very close friends. Too many to tag, but I'll tag a close select few @Gwendolen Brooks/Snow-Nova @Yaycob @Astro Brooks-Nova @Justin Amendish @Scar @TheVonCleaver@Zane @Chad Pennysworth
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