The Midsummer Dance

Hi everyone!

It's been such a long time since the last dance we had on the server, so I wanted to host one myself. So I'm really happy to announce the upcoming event!

[Image: 7FYXKlZ.jpg]

Hogwarts will be hosting The Midsummer Dance to celebrate the summer season and the natural beauty it brings! It will be an outside event where you can enjoy the nature and wildlife, and will feature games, decorations, food, shops, music, and of course dancing!

There will also be a few shop keeper and bartender positions available to help with the dance, so if you're interested in being one you may leave a comment or just send me a message! 

[Image: i0q3lNy.jpg?1][Image: rvs7kWe.jpg?2]

And of course you'll have the opportunity to ask someone special to go with you as your date. Heart But if you're not able to find one, you're always welcome to attend by yourself too! :)

The Midsummer Dance will be held on August 31st and will start around 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. 

[Image: 7e02pGn.jpg?1][Image: XC3tFdd.jpg?1]

Also snatching will not be allowed at the dance, and regular server rules will still apply. Please be courteous to each other. Thank you! :)
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This is really cool. SeemsGood
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This is super cute sibyl, I can't wait  Heart 

u better ask me to the dance loser @Finkle Dragon
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Can’t wait to attend the dance @Sibyl :)
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This looks really good Sibyl! Hopefully I can attend!
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Rip this is at 4am if only it was earlier but looks good
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Looks like i'm staying up until 4am

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Sibyl this looks fantastic! I'm sure it will be great! I'd be glad to help you wherever you need it. :)
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Me finding a date to this dance is gonna be like finding a tanning salon in the arctic lol

Also for about a week or so before the dance, there will be special shops available where you can purchase ways to ask that special someone to the dance. Heart These may include personal note delivery via dragon or a romantic decorated area where you can ask them yourself! :)

And thank you @Celine Celestial-Moongoose for the idea from your Yule Ball event :)
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