My ban for Disrespect.

Having a look through this thread + the videos that Hazel has posted, It's pretty clear that you are unapologetic and refuse to acknowledge that..

Not only that, but you've effectively lied about why you were banned ie; 
Quote:It is snowing today-refering to special snowflakes which Hazel took personaly even tho i never wrote her name)

with video evidence showing that you clearly intended that to be directed at her, and the subsequent action where you said to remove hazel's name and still post it in OOC.

This shows that despite omitting her name and "removing" the targeted harassment/disrespect, the intention behind it is still clear as glass.

As such, I'm giving you a -1 for any unban or ban reduction.
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I said it Octavia i never said i didnt say it i said i never wrote it ...That is not lying... Those are facts.. I am a minge but i am a smart one.. And if i was shit talking her she didnt catch me  cause i got snitched..Smells like freedom to me..But idk lets hear Hazel

These theories how i was ploting things are just conspiracy theories.Which i do not take seriously cause people make shit up..

The fact is that i got banned for "TOXIC IN OOC" which you got no proof in chat that i was.Some shit i said on mic is not a full proof of me doing that..
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Alright now y'all be smooth baby.
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Mat, you've been warned and punished multiple times for disrespect. You can keep replying and attacking everybody for their vote, but that does not change the facts. If a staff member witnesses something, their word is your proof. It is their choice whether or not they want to show you the proof. Personally, the reason why I don't show the accused the proof is to keep the reporter anonymous. If I show you the video or photo, it gives away the name of the person who recorded it, and allows you to disrespect them for "snitching"

Honestly, I saw this ban coming. You are constantly disrespecting staff, it's truly not funny anymore. I'm going to have to give a -1 on this appeal. 
Hopefully you realize what you have done and do not have this attitude in the future.
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I still dont get why am i being punished for an assault over here.. Lydia i feel you but its  about what i did before its what i did now.Yall think im assaulting you when i reply on your vote.Since you have this Problem when anybody says anything towards you,You take it as a negative thing and why should i then act nice..Specialy towards staff that banned me for "Mild agression for 3 weeks without explanation or any words between us..Maybe socialize and learn that not everything somebody says is an assault..Im done im fine with 5 day ban since everytime somebody says something on forum it seems like i am some member of a Nazi party..And you dont realize you are the ones who cause drama...This is an example you are causing drama i call somebody a snowflake and yall judging me same way Hitler was judged for what yall did..As i said dont ask me no questions when im not nice towards people that do that...

It went something like this
Mat:"damn snowflakes"

Then tell me im starting a drama ? Ty

Forgot to add that is some kindergarden shit..And if you dont understand that i cannot help you..Legit.
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Alright now y'all be smooth baby.
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Can I +1 this?  Ok +1 you got us there ⬆⤴
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Finally i can die easy knowing one of you understood what happened here and how Childish this went..I understand if i call you b or f or g or n or abc its ok i did assualt you kinda but i i call you snowflake or  doodoo or idk which kindergarden joke i can tell you anymore since i dont do that stuff..And specialy when i said i had way 2 much fun in that period of time..Idk if i was laughin in the proof video but i think yall can understand im a crazy man..
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Alright now y'all be smooth baby.
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-1 for unban if everything said by the staff members are true.

Neutral but very slight +1 for a minor reduction.
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You keep saying there's no screenshots. Well. I've been sick since yesterday, but I took the time to get the screenshots for you. You and Robert were going pretty hard at me that day, even after being told to stop. Also you show no signs of regret and you continue with being disrespectful in comments to other people that -1 you.That's why your ban appeal is getting denied. Have a good day.

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Appeal denied.

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Denied by Hazel,

Thread Locked
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