Jimmy Moggs Staff Manager App

I do like your answer to question 11, but Im going to have to give you a neutral leaning towards -1 because your activity is not the best
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I agree with Brando.
You don't have to be staff member to apply for Staff Manager but at least get your name known inside the community. You joined it just one month ago so you are fairly new to the server. Increase your knowledge and your "popularity", take your time and maybe try again ;)
I'm sorry but I'm with others: -1

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No COLORS! I don't see any COLORS! therefore I cannot +1 
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July 18th, 2016
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Sorry, but same with all of the above. There's next to no effort, or thought put into this application.

That and the fact I've never seen you on before, in game, or on the forums.

Hell, if you look at your profile, you have no posts or threads except this one.

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Yeah ummmm, I've NEVER seen you on the server before so -1

(10-18-2019, 03:33 PM)Jack Nightmare Wrote:

Applying for Moderator or Gamemaker would be more useful first so the Staff Team can get to know you, also, you're not well known and you Application isn't well presented and doesn't have much detail to it what so ever.

Good Luck with your Application!

-1 for same reason.

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Two finalists have been selected. I have feedback for you that will be given in the future. Thank you for your consideration for applying and we hope to see you apply again if another position opens in the future.

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