Staff in general, multiple off tangent rants.

As someone who is quick to defend the staff team, @Mira Delaire as my witness, I can whole-heartily say there is a lot of good points in this thread.  I'm not gonna sit here and say every point is correct, I think some of y'all can be a little cut-throat, but to be fair - yeah - there is some staff members that don't love the community like they should. 

Honestly, the week I knew I didn't love Hogwarts anymore is the week I stepped down. I found my love again for this community thanks to Clone Wars, doing like 2 or 3 events a week with the people who give a shit about quality over quantity. That all I really wanted to say. Love you guys - Thanks.
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Floki and Odin said it for me.

I personally don't train because I don't think I would be good at it since my experience is not that good, but all I've seen in these days is that new trials have been trained well and I don't have a lot of concers in that. I don't think that only admins+ should train, but maybe the "trainers" should be people with a lot of experience on their shoulders so that they can teach literally everything new trials have to know about moderating. It's true though that maybe the trial period and the selection process should be more strict.

I can agree on the votes point. I mean, I see a lot of questionable +1/-1. As Joey said there are some stupid reasons for +1 under some staff members (and not) votes. It really bothers me when I see "+1 the application is well presented and have good colors etc. there is a lot of effort in it", dudes I'm not judging someone for the colors they put in their application but I'm judging them for their abilities and skills and I'm saying if they are suitable for moderator based on those things, not on the effort they put in their application. That sentence doesn't make sense so stop using it.

Now, about people applying for staff just to get powers; that could be true, maybe people hide it but surely some people apply for that reason. The thing is that if someone applies just to have powers and then he/she gets accepted, we see that quickly. It's not difficult to recognize if someone just wanted to have powers and stuff or if they truly wanted the position to help out and make things better and stuff.
You called out some names and so I will do but in a positive way. You talked about attitudes during sit etc. It's true that, even though you are annoyed or tired, you always need to have a calm, friendly and kind tone of voice; it's not good to be brought in a sit with a zombie talking to you, you know what I'm saying? That's why I truly admire people like Kelly, Hazel, Justin or Satia that ALWAYS have a friendly and kind tone of voice, doesn't matter if they're sick or tired. That's how every staff should be during sits. Remember to never think that you are better than other players just becaue you are an admin, a mod or whatever. It's a game.

LOA period can be easily abused, that's true. It's also true that if someone takes a LOA period, he shouldn't be costantly playing other games instead of gmod. If you take a LOA period it means you are busy in real life so focus on that.

Now, I saw you took my gametracker as example and I'd like to say some things about it... Firstly, when I talk about activity in my votes or stuff is because it's true that activity needs to be high to be staff, especially if I'm talking to an applicant, I want to guide them and give them advises about what is required to be a moderator on the server. You may think it's kind of hypocritical from me because lately my activity is not as high as it should be but in my opinion it's not. I do know that I need to improve it as fast as possible and I already talked to the managers and to other staff members about it. My lack of activity is due to school, homework and sport so taking a LOA period won't help. That's why I've seriously considered taking a break from staffing and then returning once I'll be more free and available. If you think I like to be inactive so I can do whatever I want and just not give a fuck about the server, well you're wrong.

Last thing I really feel bad seeing a lot of these negative feedback posts for the staff team, I don't like seeing the community being annoyed or tired of the team. Things are not going in the best way at the moment and we all need to improve a lot. I will try to get more often online and interact with you all to try to make you feel more comfortable with the staff team.

I hope I stated everything I had to say. If not, I'll edit this.

P.S. Community meetings are a great idea! :)

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It doesnt matter what you're doing during your leave of absence, what matters is how long it goes for or how often LOA is repeated. If staff (let alone players) need a break from the server and want to play other games they have the full right to do that lmao. Id also just like to quickly mention that any fully accepted moderator should have the capability to train other moderators. You are fully accepted as a staff member, you should know the ins and outs and how things work.

"Last thing I really feel bad seeing a lot of these negative feedback posts for the staff team, I don't like seeing the community being annoyed or tired of the team. Things are not going in the best way at the moment and we all need to improve a lot. I will try to get more often online and interact with you all to try to make you feel more comfortable with the staff team." As nice as this statement sounds, its unrealistic. Of course no one likes being annoyed or tired of the staff or the server but as more time has gone on since 2016 more problems seemed to have come up than solutions if im being honest here which just causes more discontent with the player base but since the players have no seemingly meaningful say in regards to decisions that the higher up staff make it turns against the staff team as a whole. As has been mentioned, the server managers precence in the forums and server is non-exsistant and there has been a long going annoyence among people because of this absence (let alone there was no initial community vote to put him in that position). 

If theres no reasponsibility for the goddamn server manager to interact with the community (i mean shit look at all the server suggestions that have been accepted even since last year and no word of them) and now with the staff manager position open, shits just getting worse as I said. Not better. Theres hiring of staff that burn themselves out or lose interest very quickly, no leadership in terms of a staff or server manager, discontent constantly building up because not solutions can be found or thought of to any of the many problems faced in the hogwarts section of this community this being one of the many posts made about these problems. When the thread is done itll be remembered for about 1 day then forgotten about rince and repeat year after year.

Welp thats my tangent
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Manfred brought up a good point with tons of server suggestions being accepted, but never actually being implemented. I understand that some suggestions require lots of time and effort to implement, but there are some that are super simple to implement, but have not been implemented. For example the suggestion to get rid of the awful cast delay on stupify was accepted about 3 months ago, but has yet to be implemented. When there was the suggestion to lower the cast delay on deletrius , it was implemented almost immediately. I assume that changing the delay on stupify would be just the same as changing it on deletrius so I'm not sure what the holdup is. Only thing I can think of is that they are waiting for the big spell update to change stupify.
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I am going to give one pet peeve of mine... And it's the lack of communication regarding decisions made etc.  I have lost count of how many times I have been pulled to sits regarding my prefered name.  Bobby McFattycakes.  I have time and time again had to remind various mods that the name is infact approved on the name appeals and that doesn't bother me.

What bothers me is how the next day the same mod will pull me with the same exact song and dance.

I am not going to be mentioning names for the sake of drama prevention but I do feel like communication is key.
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