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Name: TSGT Royal

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Add Radios

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: 

The day has come that this becomes an official suggestion and not just hearsay so we can get the public's opinion on it! It is time to add radio's to Halo Rp to reduce and improve many things.

We talked about it in the community meeting and now its time to make it an official suggestion! 

So without further banter lets get to the points:

1. As a pilot (Yes I'm starting with pilots I'm bias) a lot of things are against us one of them including TEXT LAG! Yes this is a thing for everyone but you know what really sucks when you call out a position and it takes 5 minutes for it to appear in chat and by then the thing has already become irrelevant! I don't know if most or any radio addon's work inside LFS vics but if they do then this would solve the problem EASILY!

2. They are lore friendly.

Every soldier would have a radio logically its the fucking future (2553 to be exact) every soldier is going to have a way to communicate with their squad. 

Pilots are going to have a radio to be able to radio in exact things and make sure they don't drop some rockets on an allied position. 

Marines are going to have a radio or a radio operator (boom new special class in marines) so they know where the hell they are going and what to do.

Naval is going to have a radio to make sure they aren't nuking an allied position. 

Spartans are going to logically have a radio built in. 

ONI is going to have a radio to communicate with agents from afar. 

SOS is going to have Allied comms to make sure they don't get Blue on Blued (Friendly Fired) as well as there own comms system for missions.

SF for sure would have a radio system to make sure they can report in crimes and suspicious activity.

ODST is going to have a radio system to link up with squads (This isn't WW2 we don't need to use clickers to find each other)

3. Radio's are faster and more efficient. Instead of using /comms and typing out a huge long message (which for pilots disables the control of the aircraft  and also for ground troops puts them at a disadvantage for calling things in because they can't shoot and type) we can TALK and communicate it directly to each other this could improve the speed of which EVERYONE reacts to things and gets information!

4. This radio add-on I've used before it works very well and has a SHIT TON of specific radio frequencies you can also set presets like (Naval,ONI, ETC.) It also shows the name of the player talking so if anyone is abusing then its easy to report them. There could be others but this is the one I've used before.

5. Imagine ATC but with radio's. No more having to spam chat with callsigns WE COULD HAVE LITTERAL ATC OPERATORS AND CHANNELS (I know one nerd like me likes that idea)

6. Actual recon the way the gods above intended it to be done/ Increase to RP and Funny moments. (This is UHHHHH Marine Squad Echo reporting a shit ton of covie's on our position could we get some back up marking with red smoke, over.) 


7. You know what would reduce meta gaming? If the event characters had a way to talk to each other without using /comms with something like (INNIE) in the message so that nobody knows where they are.

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: 

Potential lag (I don't know if there is any but its an add-on they usually add some type of lag)

We have to train recruits/existing people how to use a radio specifically this add-on

Potential Abuse (listening to radio channels you when shouldn't be/ Mic spamming)
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Huge +1. I’ve heard someone donated to have these added across the server and it was said it was being worked then just faded out.

This was done like a week ago
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