Appeals for Banned Users

+1 i agree with dan
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I agree with Dan.

Neutral to +1
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(11-30-2019, 06:51 PM)Dan Cole Wrote: +1 i think anyone should be able to appeal a ban to show that they have changed, forum bans should be able to be appealed the same as a in game ban

+1 for same reason
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I think it would be good for community feedback and opinions on forum bans, just like normal ban appeals. I understand that the point of the forum ban is to keep them off the forums, but there could be a solution. I'm not sure if this could be automated, but there could be a new section called forum ban appeals or something. Make it so only certain user groups can create threads (forum admins or banned users). The thread would just state: Their name, the length of the ban, and the reason of the ban. This would eliminate the risk of them posting an inappropriate thread. 

also saying "just dont get forum banned" is retarded. You could say the same thing about server bans, "just don't get banned on the server".
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