[EU] Jack's Gamemaker Application (Updated Regularly.)

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This Application will be updated regularly. As of recently, I have been more active and I will keep it that way, and I'll make sure the activity gets a lot better. Any Feedback I get, will be appreciated!

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(1.) What is your SteamID? -
(1a) What is your most recent ingame name? -
Jack Fuzz-Nightmare and Jack Tolkien-Fuzz

(1b) What is your current year level in-game? (MUST be 7th to apply.) -
Fourth Year, Prestige 6.
(2.) What Timezone do you live in? -
Europe. GMT.
(2a) Please put what times you are most active in CST (Chicago US), so the managers know when they can expect to see you. -
I will be active in the GMT Timezone, possibly the CST Timezone as well.
(3.) How old are you? -
I am currently 16 years of age.
(4.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? -
I first joined around November 18th 2018, and I will admit, it's been the best experience here so far, moderating on the Hogwarts Server and Gamemaking on the Halo Server, and as well as RP'ing.
(4a) How can we be sure you will stay active and loyal (with your time) to Star by Star? -
Well you can be sure because I am currently Staff on two servers on SBS, the Hogwarts and Halo Server. I have been playing SBS for a year and I don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon. Also, I have been a lot more active recently.

(4b) Do you understand you can be let go at ANY time for inactivity? -
I understand this.

(5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with, but also enforce the rules of the Server when necessary? -
I do understand this, as I already enforce the rules as a Moderator and as a Gamemaker I will still have to enforce the rules when they are no discipline staff online, I just want a change by applying for GM.

(5a) When listing the rules please explain what they mean to show that you understand them.

Rule 1: No FailRP:

Follow the rules of the server. FailRP is not allowed, this is when you don't roleplay as your job properly. Example: Lord Voldemort can not go in the school and students can not go in the GY. Prefects can not act immaturely or interrupt whilst there in a class, they need to show a good impression to the students.

  • If you want to do something that requires permission first, ask a Staff Member in @ chat, for example if you want to take a class out on a field trip say something like "Can I take my class on a field trip?" in @ Chat.
  • Do not take any actions that isn't meant to happen as your job.
  • Not roleplaying as your job properly is classed as FailRP.

    If a player wants to take there class on a field trip, they must get permission from a Staff Member and must ask in @ chat.

Rule 2: Be Respectful:

Being respectful to everyone on the server, if someone is being disrespectful to you tell a staff member or an RP Leader. Example of being respectful: Hello there, how has your day been? Example of being disrespectful: You're not wanted by anyone on the server, no Staff like you and no players like you either, just do one.

  • Users cannot use slang, derogatory language, epithets, phrases or words that are considered attacks on classes.
  • Users cannot participate in groups or make families/guilds/gangs with the sole purpose of attacking other users.
  • Users cannot make repeated sexual comments which are known to be unwelcome or inappropriate to other users.
  • Users cannot use other methods of communication outside the server to continually harass users.
  • Users cannot specifically target/harass another player with malicious intentions.
  • Users cannot be racist on the server and say comments such as "Nigg*r", "N*g N*g" or other comments/words that is classed as racist or offensive.

    Rule 3: No RDM:

Random death match means killing another player without any kind of RP reason. Example: Killing them because there was in your "way". That isn't allowed and is RDM. Also, RDM is when you kill someone out of the blue because you was "bored", that isn't allowed because it is RDM.

  • Do not attack your roleplay peers and do not attempt to kill anyone without a legimate/good RP reason.
  • Do not attempt to RDM with a damage spell.
  • Do not RDM in the duelling club, you cannot kill a student/a other class in duelling club.

    However, if a member of the Dark Force doesn't follow Voldemort's orders/disobeys him, he may kill that Dark Force Member, as long as their is a RP reason.

Rule 4: Follow instructions of staff and RP Leaders at all times:

Follow the instructions of Staff and your RP Leaders. For example: Professors must follow the orders of Dumbledore as he is their RP Leader and is the Headmaster. Also, the dark forces must follow the orders from Lord Voldemort etc.

Here's an example of the RP Leadership Chain in the Dark Force:
  • Snatchers < Snatcher Leader < Head Snatcher < Death Eaters < VIP/Elite Death Eaters < Voldemort

    Always obey Staff Members, as they do have last say on everything when it comes to a sit.

Rule 5: No Freespelling:

Do not use spells without an RP reason, fun spells such as avis can be classed as not free-spelling. For example: A student using verdimillious on another student to kill them, that is free-spelling and on some occasions attempted RDM.

  • Do not cast your spells without legitimate roleplay reason.
  • Certain jobs are allowed to use spells such as stupefy on a Student if they have been breaking PTS or not following the teacher's orders.
  • Casting non damage spells can not be classed as free-spelling on some occasions but Stupefy can be classed as free-spelling on some occasions.

    Casting non-damaging spells towards someone isn't considered free spelling immediately. But if the repeated actions occur while being asked to cease or stop, then a staff member might get involved.

Rule 6: No metagaming:

Metagaming is when one transfers RP Data to non RP Data. For example calling out a snatcher even though they have not been revealed.

Examples of Metagaming:
  • Telling your friends in Discord to save you from being kidnapped. (This counts in any voice related app/or texting app)
  • Using the job title floating above a player's head to call them out, such as Snatchers.
  • Using the tab player listing to track a player's movements.
  • Switching jobs to get out of an RP situation.
  • Purposely revealing yourself to players or revealing other players.
  • Using knowledge of job boundaries to help you in fights or RP situations.

    Rule 7: Do not mic spam/chat spam/any other kind of spam:

Mic spamming is yelling a single word over and over or playing music on your mic non stop. Chat spam is the repetition of a word or line typed out by a player constantly to annoy players/or to fill up the chat with the same comment/word over and over again. Mic Spam and Chat Spam can result in a warning, kick or even a ban.

  • Spamming the chat is not allowed.
  • Spamming voice chat is not allowed.

    Rule 8: Advert is for RP reasons only, nothing else, if you advert something that isn't RP, it must be said in ooc or /pm:

Advert is there to show RP and nothing else: Example: Selling Jack Whiteland for 10k. Slytherin Prefect. This is okay but you can't do: "/advert Help". (Regarding the "help" comment in advert, ask in @ chat for help or  a player/prefect).

  • False adverts are not allowed, for example /advert Party at Dorms!
  • Racist adverts are certainly not allowed, for example /advert Nigg*r. This can result in a ban. (2 week+ ban)

Rule 9: No ERP

Erotic roleplay in any form is forbidden on the server. For example doing sexual activity in the dorms. Sexual roleplay is roleplay that has a strong erotic element. It may involve two or more people who act out roles in a sexual fantasy.

  • Having sex in the dorms/at any other part of the map is not allowed.
  • Sexual comments/sexual activity is not allowed.
  • Marriages are permitted and is allowed but it does not mean you can ERP.

Rule 10: Do not avoid the AFK System.

Staying AFK to get XP, this is exploiting and isn't allowed. For example: Staying still in the Slytherin Dorm and not moving and constantly pressing: W, A, S, D so you won't be kicked for being afk or just having a command that makes you never go AFK so you won't get kicked.

There is an AFK System for a reason, the Server is a big Server and doesn't want to be filled up with AFK players that are AFK longer than 20 minutes.

Avoiding the AFK System will result in a consequence, such as a kick or a ban.
(5b) Expain what the term "minge" means, when referring to a player on the server -
Minge is a player that comes on the server just to ruin the fun for others and to break rules.
(6.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) -
Starting off, my passion is Football and in general, sport, I like to keep fit, go to gym and also, like to do both, play and Staff on Garry's Mod, I like to help people out when they need it the most, I like to make sure everyone's fun is on point. Ultimately, once you get to know me, I'm an enjoyable, fair and nice person in my opinion, so may disagree with me and that is absolutely fine as everyone is entitled to their own opinion regardless of what I say. Overall, I just want to give more to the european time and I want to increase the entertainment in that timezone, do not get me wrong, the current Gamemakers and Admins are amazing but I just want to fill the spot in the EU.
(7.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? -
I need to improve on my confidence definitely, whilst I do have a good amount of confidence in me, I still need to show more to prove I have a strong confidence skill rate. Also, I need to teach classes more which I will do, and you will see that more from me.
(8.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? -
Well I personally, would benefit being a Gamemaker as I would be an European Gamemaker, so I would do most of my events/passive rp in the EU Timezone. (GMT.) Also, I already have experience in Gamemaking on SBS due to me being a Gamemaker on Halo, and I currently enjoy Gamemaking on the HaloRP Server and also I do enjoy moderating on the Hogwarts Server but I just enjoy Gamemaking more.
(9.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) -

Non-Present Servers:
CityRP Gaming - Moderator to Senior-Admin.
FreeRP - Super Admin.
Apex Gaming - Super Admin to Co-Owner.
Insomnia Gaming - Head Of Staff to Super Admin.
H.D Gaming - Gamemaster.

Present Servers:
SBS Hogwarts RP - Moderator.
SBS HaloRP - Gamemaker.
 (10.) Have you ever been banned on any Garrys Mod/SBS servers? If yes, then please list when, how long, and the reason. -
I have been banned on SBS Hogwarts RP for one day when I first joined for entering the Graveyard. Was a mistake.
 (11.) Are the Server staff or the players more important? Why? -
I personally think they are both as important as each other, the players make the community, the staff make sure the community are following the rules and makes sure no drama or rule breaks occur.
 (12.) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, Communication, etc) -

Bias/Fairness: 9/10 -
When it comes to fairness, I am definitely very fair, I do not take sides at all. On all the Servers I've been Staff on, I have made sure to remain fair and not be unbias and take other player's/people's sides, for example, if a player was reporting my friend on the Server, I would not take my friend's side at all, I would listen to both sides and remain fair and not unbiased. Another eg. If my friend wanted to have advantage in my events I'd say cease and desist, I wouldn't allow it as it's unfair.

Maturity: 8/10 -
When it comes to things that are serious and requires maturity, I act mature and make sure to remain as mature as good as I can, when it comes to serious situations, I remain mature.

Teamwork: 9/10 -
When it comes to working as a team, I am very good at it, I like to work as a team and I like to do things with other people, I like to make sure organisations and plans go well as a team.

Dedication: 9/10 -
I am dedicated to this Server, I like to prefect, host prefect meetings and keep everything in check.

Adaptability: 7/10 -
When it comes to new Server's, places and things, I easily adapt to it and once I am adapted I get use to it.

Ability to work under-pressure: 8/10 -
When I get become under pressure, I make sure to keep calm and resolve the current situation that I am in. I have improved on this.

Confidence: 8/10 -
This has improved but it could improve more.

Co-Operation: 7/10 -
I easily get a long with people, and I do get along with a lot of players and Staff in-game. This is a skill that is a must because as a staff member, I will have to make sure to get a long with the players and the other staff members on the team.

Coping: 8/10 -
I easily cope with situations that become toxic or stressful, I make sure to remain calm and cope with the situation appropriately.

Awareness: 7-8/10 -
I get aware of things quite easily and I make sure everything is in check. I like to be aware of things.

 (13.) How familiar on a scale of 1 to 10 are you with Garrys Mod Sandbox tools? -
I am a 9/10 definitely, due to be me being trained on the SBS HaloRP Server on Gamemaking, that really has boosted my knowledge on both ULX and Tools, making me better at ULX and the tools.

 [Image: source.gif]

(14.) Give us a couple of detailed examples of an event you would use and how you would proceed with them -

[Image: tumblr_pwc6g5dRML1yu7o3lo1_1280.png]

Involved Characters: Bellatrix, Pixie and Trixie and Students.

Pixie and Trixie has recently gave a visit to Hogwarts, two fairies. Pixie and Trixie and recently fallen out, Pixie is a blue metaphysical fairy and Trixie is a purple metaphysical fairy. They both are no longer friends, fallen out due to unordinary circumstances. It's been a long run between these two, the journey between these two fairies is mystical. These fairies will be coloured orbs that will fly about, recklessly. Deep down, these two fairies want to become friends again, but do you want to know the reason why these fairies had fallen out?

It's that time of the year again, where Bellatrix comes and goes, she doesn't leave, all she wants to do is serve her Lord who must not be named (Voldemort.) and do what is her speciality and torture others. She has tortured these pure innocent souls (the fairies.) and has made them do a crime that is beyond them and has made them murder a student within Hogwarts. Whilst yes this is in the past, Bellatrix has demanded these fairies to go to Hogwarts and be spies, there job is to bring certain students back to her, students who have a name within hogwarts, students who are innocent, students who have pure wizard blood.

How this will work:
Two fairies will be selected, I will ask for volunteers in advert or psay and will pick two who ask first. These two fairies will be cloaked and will be given a physgun, this physgun will be given to them to make them look like a shining light, one fairy will be purple light and one fairy will be a blue light. They will be named to the names Pixie and Trixie.

An extra explanation will be given in-game.

[Image: tumblr_pwc6fq1dDO1yu7o3lo1_1280.png]

Involved Characters: Giants, Voldemort, Hagrid, Professors and The Ministry.

A curse has hit Hogwarts! Giant's that are disguised have arrived to Hogwarts looking like students! These four giants are not here for good deeds, there are here for bad deeds, indeed, I know! Bad deeds!! There here to cause trouble and tumult.

Story Line:
  • Recently Voldemort has gathered up 4 giants and he has given them an objective/task to do. He has requested these four funny looking giants to go to Hogwarts and take Hagrid as Hostage in his own home, his own warm-welcoming home! Hagrid will be trapped in this box. Voldemort has made these four giants into students! Allowing them to roam the school without being caught/recognised as a threat.

Plan, how it will work:

Two giants will stay at Hagrids house, as a guard, making sure no one sees the box because if anyone sees the box, it won't come out pleasurable. Two giants must guard the box Hagrid is in and two giants must go into the school, walking about, seeing whether anyone goes to Hagrid's or not, anyone who is near Hagrid's hut will be killed immediately. The two giants that have been roaming the school, looking like students, doesn't have much time left, one of them currently comes out of their student form and becomes their normal self! They will look like a giant again! With students/professors/aurors around! This isn't good news at all. The giant retreats back to Hagrids and let's the 2 giants at Hagrid's, know what has happened! One giant has messed the whole plan up! The giants must now go back to Hagrids (all of the giants) and must protect the box because they do not want to fail the dark lord, the two giants that look like students will retreat back to Hagrids, but they will be this one student that follows them, but they do not know until they get to Hagrid's. The student that was following them then runs back to the school, only letting Dumbledore and a member of the Ministry know, Dumbledore and the member of the Ministry do not want to let the students/professors know as it will cause too much trouble. Dumbledore and the Auror (member of the Ministry) will make they way to Hagrid's and they just see 3 students (these 3 students are the giant) and 1 giant. Dumbledore and the Auror will of course kill the giant but will not kill the students as they think the students are normal students. Dumbledore will no longer need the Auror and will bring the 3 students (the giants disguised) to the school again. The 3 giants don't have much time left, there diguise will run out soon and they will look like giants again. In the CY their disguise runs out and they run back to Hagrid's, they must make sure no one sees them. Dumbledore finds out about this and askes 2 students to do a big task for him, there objective is for them to kill the giants and get Hagrid back to the school without failing/not succeeding. Unfortunately, they fail there task and comes back injured and hurt. Dumbledore then decides to allow all students and relatives of Hogwarts to go to Hagrid's to find the giants but the giants are not there? There task is for them to find the remaining giants and to extinguish them. (get rid of them). - When this happens, it will be announced in everyone's screens saying "All Students and relatives find the giants, they are located around Hagrid's area".

(I think using Giants for an event would be useful as Giants aren't  really used for events from my perspective.)

[Image: a946756fbcd410302ccda3934bfdee1f16784e97.png]

Involved Characters: Dark Forces, Students, Dumbledore and The Ministry.

Carmella has recently come along to Hogwarts as a new student and already she is already being targetted by those who are sinister, and dark, the death eaters and voldemort's followers. Carmella have come to Hogwarts to learn some new skills about magic, not to be targetted by these insidious people, or should we say, creatures. Carmella is only being targetted because she has stolen something precious from the dark forces, a dark necklace and they have found out about it, so that's the reason why she is being targetted, however, hogwarts do not know Carmella stealing this necklace so they think it is safe to be around here when it really isn't, students will be killed, students will be captured and students will be tortured all because of Carmella. Carmella has recently been murdered and has been brought back to this temple, this temple is known to be a cursed temple, with dead bodies around and skeletons, it's a dangerous place to be at but in this situation, she has been taken here as the dark forces thought it was the best to do so, someone must take action to get Carmella's body back to Hogwarts, and if she is brought back, her body must be investigated by the Ministry and when her body has been investigated, they will find these papers and these papers will tell them about Carmella's past and what she has done, she doesn't have a good past, she has a negative pass. The Ministry will find out that she use to be deatheater and they will find out that she only came to Hogwarts to hide the necklace. However, once they have investigated her body and once her body is somewhere safe, the selected aurors must find the necklace and this will be a dangerous task as they could get executed and murdered whilst doing it.

Plan how this will work:
Once Carmella has arrived, all students will be notified that she is here but once she is murdered, she will be brought to the temple by a death eater that is disguised as a student within hogwarts (someone will be chosen as the death eater to do the task.), things start to get terrifying within hogwarts, the fog changes, the colour of the sky starts to change. Someone finds her body in this temple and then they go back to Hogwarts and reports it to the Headmaster, the headmaster but then make a plan to get her body back. The temple is guarded by deatheaters and these are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.

Extra: Two ministry officials will be chosen, six deatheaters will be chosen and someone will be chosen as the headmaster. And, someone will be chosen as Carmella, all of these will be given specific tasks and will have an explanation on what to do.

[Image: bc102e1466b063d2497cc285a70ba00d6279cc2a.png]

Involved Characters: Daily Prophet Journalists, Dark Forces and The Ministry.

Hogwarts are concerned of the recent things that have been recently happening. They have been thick fog, horrendous weather and dark sky. Accessories have been floating in the air, accessoreis have been sucked into this black hole. The sky will be have a black hole (the skybox will be changed for this to happen.) The Daily Prophet Journalists have been making reports of these weird, strange, odd things happening, students have even been missing, it has got that bad, that Hogwarts has been put on a lockdown, no one can leave the school, except from Aurors and Ministry Officials in order to investigate this. (Students may still walk about the school and try and see what is happening just so they can be involved.) An briefing will be held in the Great Hall, so Dumbledore can let all the students know what is happening, including professors and other relatives. In the end, we have found out, that Voldemort have actually been doing this, and since it has worked, and the plan voldemort has done has succeeded. He decides to send a few of his deatheaters to cause chaos at hogwarts. Loud noises seem to be heard, such as crashes and deaths. The Daily Prophet Journalist(s) find out that the only way to stop this black hole is to kill the wizard doing it, and this wizard is named Luke, Luke has been requested to do this by voldemort, and the only way to stop the black hole is to kill Luke as he was the one who did this with his own magic. Team work is needed, and those who want to find Luke must find clues that are hidden around Hogwarts and the Dark Forest.

Creatures, spiders and werewolves seem to be floating out of the air, heading towards hogwarts, ready to kill, torture and even possibly eat those among hogwarts, nothing has been the same, students have been snatched from what they call their home "hogwarts", Aurors have been murdered, professors have been tortured and the innocent creatures of Hogwarts have been captured and brought to the GY to be under Voldemort's control.

Plan, how this will work:

A player will be chosen as Luke and Voldemort, and I will be monitoring the skybox, the fog and the way this happens. Two daily prophets journalists will be chosen so they can announce who has been doing this.

*An explanation will be given when the event happens.*

[Image: tumblr_pwe23tOQgb1yu7o3lo1_1280.png]

Involved Characters: Matron and Students.

The Clockwork Infirmary is here! The Clockwork Infirmary is one of the oldest human inventions made in history but it has come back but it has come back to Hogwarts instead. There will be routines that you must make yourself in order to do this task. What is the task? The task is to find a clock that is well hidden. The one who finds the clock will still be able to continue to win the guerdon (prize). There is a set amount of time in order to find the clock and thinking is the key to this event, you must think carefully on where the clock is. You really thought it'd be this easy? No it won't be. There is a reason why the word "Infirmary" is in this, it has something to do with the Infirmary in Hogwarts. The Nurse in Hogwarts has lost her mind and doesn't care to help students/relatives anymore so the reason why the clock needs to be found is to make the nurse go back to her normal self. If the clock is found she will want to return back to her normal duties by helping the students and relatives of Hogwarts again. It won't be an easy task because no one is sure if she will be in the Infirmary, she could be all anywhere in Hogwarts- concealed or invisible. The task is to get her back to normal but she needs to be found first, but she will need the clock to help her become her normal self, the clock will allow her to go back in time and fix the things that made her lose her mind, the reason why she lost her mind is because, simply, this one student was being selfish, not wanting her help, making her feel useless, she still tried to help that student but the student lost it and cast a curse on her, making it so going back in time can only make her go back to normal.

Story Line:

Recently in Hogwarts, the Clockwork Infirmary has been put into place for many reasons. One reason being: This Clockwork Infirmary has been put into place to get the nurse back to normal but this can't be done by just one person, it must be done several competitors, the one who of course finds the clock will have a chance to win the guerdon (prize). The participater who has found the clock, will be required/objectived to find the nurse and give her the clock in order to make her go back in time to make her, her normal self again- this is the most important task.

Plan, how it will work:

It will be announced in everyone's screens, saying the clock infirmary is about to start, 5k galleons will need to payed in order to enter this as it is a big task- the galleons can be given to the auction hut in the Court Yard. If the player (the one who found the clock) managed to find the nurse and give her the infirmary clock, they will win the guerdon (prize), the prize will include galleons and a possible model change. The clock will be naned as "The Clockwork Infirmary". This will happen in the school, and they will be signs around the school to give the player (the one who found the the clock) an idea of where the nurse is. The participater who has found the clock may get help from other relatives in order to find the nurse as it will not be an easy task as said previously. How do you pick the clock up? You will pick the clock up by pressing E on it, this will allow you to carry the clock around in your hands.

[Image: tumblr_pwwtdtdRq71yu7o3lo1_500.png]

Involved Characters: Those who wish to participate.

★ Orienteering Continued will be listed below (it's the same event but continued.) ★

Orienteering is a task that must be taken carefully. It's treacherous and dangerous, something that you must put your full focus on. You are trapped in a cell with hell, you must be able to get out unharmed. You must accomplish/plan how to get out, it is like a maze but it's like being in "hell in a cell" making it more extreme and dangerous. This exercises both your mind and your body, making you overwhelmed and nervous when trying to escape. There are dead ends, they are long ends and they are exits/finishes. The aim is to get to the exit/finish to win the orienteering event. Within the "Orienterring", they are courses and objectives, you must be the first one to the exit in order to actually win. This event will be outdoor, in between the QP/School so there is enough room for the event to occur and happen without any problems. You thought this would be it? No this isn't it, there is way more to it! They isn't only a winner! The winners will finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. This is still to be continued...

Story Line:

Recently Hogwarts has hosted "Orienterring" this is to prove what people can do within this preternatural world. Recently, wizards and witches have been lacking, they have been lazy, not bothering to get fit nor learn spells, so Hogwarts has decided to host Orienterring that will make them more active, making them more fit and making them want to learn spells. However, Orienterring isn't a easy task to take, it is a task that must make you think on what you should do when entering the "Orienteering".

Plan, how it will work:

When the event is ready and built/in good shape, it will be announced in everyone's screens and it will say in the middle of the screen where the event is located/designated at. There will be an entrance so everyone can enter and join in, the first three that manages to escape/get out of the "Orienterring" will be noted down for "Orienterring Continued". However, they will be signups and 10k Galleons must be given so those who wish to join in, can participate.

[Image: tumblr_pwccf8lDEe1yu7o3lo1_1280.png]

Involved Characters: The three players who won the last Orinteering.

Orienteering is back! This time it is only for the one's who won the last Orienteering Event. The three players that managed to escape/complete the last "Orienteering" will be entered into Orienteering again but this time it will be more dense and firm. This time it will be bigger, and longer, they will be more dead ends/long ends and exits/finishes, it will be more confusing but enlivened. The task for these three is to get to escape the place, and get to the finish/exit to win. Inside the "Orienteering Continued" they will be a couple of werewolves to make it more interesting, enlivening and entertaining. They will only be two werewolves, but these werewolves will be ruby colour, showing what they can do to you. If they see you, then you must find a way to get away from them. The first one to escape will be crowned as the "Orienteering Legend" and will have a considerable reward.

Story Line:
  • Recently Orienteering was hosted at Hogwarts, making wizards/witches get more fit, making them want to learn spells, it was there to stop them from becoming lazy wizards and witches. But this Orienteering is different, it's been 'continued' which means it's harder. This is to prove which wizard/witch is actually capable of becoming a Legend. (most of this story line is based on the one above)

Plan, how it will work:

The three winners of the previous Orienteering will be called out and brought to the "Orienteering Continued", it will told to them where it is located/designated at. Good Luck will be granted to those three participating in the "Orienteering Continued". Depending how much galleons are given to me from the last Orienteering, the winner of this one will win a large amount of Galleons, hopefully about 200k Galleons.

(Orinteering Continued will be announced so the three winners know when to get on.)

[Image: tumblr_pwdr35pUJg1yu7o3lo1_1280.png]

Involved Characters: Warlocks. Everyone will be included except from Dark Forces.

Thrills on the wheels has come to Hogwarts to show students their thrills! There is this car called “thrills on the wheels”. In the QP, they will be four cars named as “thrills on the wheels” and four volunteers will be needed to drive these cars. These thrills on the wheels will show Hogwarts what a piece of work looks like! They will navigate to Hogwarts showing what they are capable off! These thrills on the wheels must be taken down before any disturbance or issues happen! Students must be able to take down the lively “thrills on the wheels”. If the cars (thrills on the wheels) are taken down, the players who was driving the thrills on the wheels must be taken down as well! It won’t be an easy task, will it happen? Will the students and other dandelions be able to take down the professional drivers and soul suckers? Let’s see how hopeless the situation gets! Any type of dark force that is allowed in the school can drive the thrills on the wheels! They will only be 4 (thrills on the wheels) cars so only 4 players may be the roughriders! The aim is for students, professors, Aurors, the Ministry to protect the school and to stop these thrills on the wheels from even getting to Hogwarts! The thrills on the wheels will be hard to take down though, will they be able to take down the thrills on the wheels? Will the thrills on the wheels get past, or will they only get to the outside walls of Hogwarts? The thrills on the wheels will be small cars, big enough to fit one player on, they might look small but they are fantastically brawny.

Story Line:

Recently they has been a spotting of "Thrills On The Wheels" in the QP/Forbidden Forest these thrills on the wheels may look relatively delightful. But they certainly are not delightful! They are dangerous and a threat. They can cause as much damage a group of warlocks can do and that is alarming. It certainly is alarming indeed. Warlocks power is something that shouldn't be messed with under any circumstance. 
Plan, how it will work:

It will be announced in everyone's screens when the thrills on the wheels has been built/set up, the ones who want to the the "thrills on the wheels" will be selected, they can only be four volunteers thought to drive the cars. The relatives in Hogwarts must be ready for the destruction what is about to happen. Who will be the folk tales? Hogwarts or the Thrills On The Wheels?

[Image: tumblr_pwr95ztmTk1yu7o3lo1_500.png]

Involved Characters: The Fiend, Professors, Dumbledore, Students and Dark Forces.

★ This is a more of an event that includes tasks and it has PVP involved! ★

The Fiend has arrived at Hogwarts, they have been deaths since the fiend has arrived. The fiend is making their presence here nasty and carries on to do so. Unfortunately, those who died have been made to work for the fiend, there soul has moved on and now serves the fiend. Every victim that the fiend killed, will make the fiend stronger, and those who was killed will become the fiend's slaves and will serve for the fiend. A detective has been requested to go to Hogwarts and investigate this due to the fact, too many are dying and it's making the fiend become stronger each minute. This detective won't be some normal, boring detective, this detective will be an detective that will be in diguise, pretending to work for the fiend making the fiend think he is one of the people who was murdered.

Story Line:

Recently, Hogwarts has been facing some tough situations and the situations have been getting worse because simply, no one has done anything about it. Since the situations have been getting worse, the fiend makes his way to the school thinking that nothing will happen to him and he is right, nothing happens to him, for now, many souls have been taken by this fiend within the school, and the worse thing is, nothing can be done simply because the Headmaster Dumbledore is on vacation. Professors have tried to manage this situation but they haven't been able to due to the fact, their souls have been took by the fiend and they have been made to serve the fiend but the fiend has no clue of this detective, this detective's job is to try and get rid of the fiend but how? He will have to use some magic in order to transform into one of the fiend's slaves making it look like he is on his team, the job of the detective is to kill the fiend but he won't be alone, students and others may help him defeat the fiend but they are way more tasks to do before this happens. The Detective will say when it's ready to attack the fiend, first of all, all of the fiend slaves must be demolished in order to actually get a chance to slaughter the fiend, the slaves can only demolished by the detective because he is the one who looks like them, the slaves will listen to him since he is a part of their team even though he isn't really. The fiend has much more advanced magic and abilities than his slaves so it will take more than one detective to take him down, the detective has managed to get all the details of what is the detective's weakness and what he fears the most. The Detective will soon get everyone in Hogwarts to help him defeat the fiend.

Plan, how it will work:

Firstly, 5 professors will be picked to try and sort out the situation, the five professors will be murdered in the kitchen by the fiend (close to the hufflepuff dorm) and they will become the fiends slaves, the fiend will only have 5 slaves, no more. The fiend will be given 1000 health and the slaves will be given 500 health. When the event happens, it will be announced in everyone's screens. Students and everyone else within Hogwarts will be called to the Great Hall to notify them that there is a threat, and soon, they will have to soon try get rid of the event, I will make sure to tell them when the time is right, the person explaining the threat will be an Order Of Phoenix who works for the Minister. I will also make sure to explain this event thoroughly on the Server when it happens.

Please note that: every event that is hosted/is done by me, will be explained by me in-game to those participating, this is so things do not get confusing.

[Image: tumblr_pwi4pgfZHI1yu7o3lo1_1280.png]

Involved Characters: Carnvial Workers, Students, The Ministry and Professor McGonagall.

★ This is more of a funny and medium-scale event! ★

The Homemade Carvival Season has started at Hogwarts. The use of masquerade will be used and also, music will be played! It's time for everyone to celebrate this big day with meals and sips! The meals will include meat and the sips will include cup of teas. However, some are against the meals as it includes meat and they do not like meat what so ever which is a problem. The Homemade Carnival has come to impress everyone with their meals and sips, not to dissapoint them. The one's that are against the meals will protest against the Homemade Carnival causing major problems and conerns for Hogwarts, the Minister finds out about this and dissaproves the Homemade Carnival due to the fact, the meat and sips (drinks) doesn't meet up to the students standards nor his standards, the Minister thinks it's a health risk for everyone. The task is for the Homemade Carnvial workers to make new meals and sips (drinks) within the Homemade Carnival to impress the one's that don't like their meals/sips and their job is to also make the Minister and his Aurors to approve the Homemade Carnival. Students and relatives may help the Homemade Carnival workers get the Minister to approve the Homemade Carnival. Will the Homemade Carnival workers and the students that are willing to help convince and make the Minister and his Aurors approve the Homemade Carnival?  Well, we will find out when the "Homemade Carnival Continued" (continued event) happens.

Story Line:

During the time at Hogwarts, many have complained about Hogwarts not having carnivals so Hogwarts itself has hosted a Homemade Carnival, the Homemade Carnival has been organised and set up by Professor McGonagall, she thinks it will go well and will be organised but she thought wrongly. Professor McGonagall herself has always wanted to host her own Carnival with the help of others at Hogwarts. This is the reason why she has made the Carnival "Homemade Carnival" as it was made by her and the meals/sips were made by her astonishingly. She has spent a lot time and effort on the meals and sips. Professor McGonagall has done this to make a change to Hogwarts and to make things more virtous and upright at Hogwarts.

Plan, how it will work:

The Homemade Carnival will be built and set up in the outer courtyard, and they will be some workers in the Homemade Carnival (workers will be selected, for those who want to participate in the event) and Professor McGonagall will be there to make sure the workers are working to her standards that she wishes to see. Someone will also be selected as Professor McGonagall. Once everything is set up and once the workers and Professor McGonagall are in the Homemade Carnival, the event will happen and will be announced in everyone's screens and the one's participating (one's that are against the meals/sips and one's who are not against the meals/sips) will know what to do in the event as it will be explained by me. There will be eight players that are against the meals/sips and they will be the one's that will protest against the Homemade Carnival and they will be the one's to let the Minister and his followers (Aurors) find out what happens. The Minister will send some aurors to investigate the Homemade Carnival as it doesn't meet up to his expectations. The players who wish to protest against the Homemade Carnival will be given some tasks just so the event doesn't become confusing/out of order/in line. Outside the Homemade Carnival, they will be this big platform where all the meals and sips will be placed and this is when the disagreement will occur. The one's who are not against the Homemade Carnival (including the workers and McGonagall) will have to try and get the Minister's Aurors to approve the Homemade Carnival, but it will not be easy, tasks and objectives will be given out. Let's hope the Homemade Carnival get's the approval from the Minister and his Aurors because if they don't, the Homemade Carnival will be extincted from Hogwarts! In-game the details and explanation will also be explained by me to make sure nothing gets confusing or displeasing.

Important Note: I will try and get someone who is whitelisted to the Minister job to get involved as it will make the event more riveting, if I cannot though, I will make someone an Order Of Phoenix and will say their the acting Minister.

Extra Note: When the disagreement happens, music will be played at that time to match the scene.

[Image: c57cd3b18cff515cbfa128d73572960676c8c19a.png]

Involved Characters: Salzar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, Godric Gryffindor, Students, Snatchers and Bellatrix.

The Four Founders of Hogwarts have come together at Hogwarts. Salazar Slytherin has a dark secret that no one knows within Hogwarts, so he must keep it as secretive as possible. Rowena Ravenclaw sees suspicous actions and activity from him so she tells the other Founders - Helga Hufflepuff and Godric Gryffindor. Situations like these are dangerous and must not be revealed to the public until it is safe to do so. These four founders are known to be powerful and brilliant witches and if someone like Salazar Slytherin is keeping a secret, then that is outrageous because no one knows what his secret is but Rowena does know that it is something dark and dark secrets are always found out in the end. Recently, Salazar has been heading towards the dark forest, more than usual and has been to the blood pool where snatchers remain and it's uncertain why he goes there. Rowena, manages to find out why he has been there, he has been speaking to a specific snatcher and has been asking that snatcher to snatch students and bring them students to him, but he only wants Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students and he only wants certain one's to do what he has planned. What does he have planned? He has a lot planned, his plan is to cause as much destruction within Hogwarts as requested by Bellatrix Lestrange, Bellatrix has managed to worm her way through Salazar and has managed to turn him pure evil and dark. Whilst he was orignially a death eater and did follow the same rule set as Lucius, he always still manages to find the light within Hogwarts but due to Bellatrix turning him to a feared, dark wizard, he no longer finds the light and the will to help people within Hogwarts when necessary, instead he just wants to cause fear and pain to the public. Salazar Slytherin finds out that Rowena has found out his dark secret, what was mentioned above is his dark secret, his dark secret is that Bellatrix and him have been working together closely and have been wanting to cause destruction upon Hogwarts for a long time. Salazar requests a snatcher to go and snatch Rowena and bring her back to the dark forest, Rowena will have no idea that she is being targetted but she will soon find out. Rowena luckily, has let the other founders know about Salazar's dark secret so Rowena, Helga and Godric will be working together in order to get Salazar back to normal. However Rowena has been took by one of the snatchers so only Godric and Helga can think of what to do next, Salazar will ask her questions and will ask whether she has got the other founders involved (Godric and Helga.), she dies spit it out and tells him the truth. She tells him that the other founders are involved, Salazar then makes a plan to kill Godric and Helga. Godric and Helga found out about this and will need to stay away from Salazar. Godric and Helga will be located in this small house, but Salazar is unsure of where they are so he makes his way to the school, looking for them eventhough they are outside the school, near a small house next to Hagrid's. Will Salazar do what he has planned? Or will the other founders manage to solve the current situation?

Since Rowena is still snatched and captured, she must be saved, and Godric and Helga are the only one's that can save her, but they cannot do this alone so they ask all of Hogwarts to go to the Dark Forest and save her.

Plan, how this will work:

 I will need ten volunteers, I will ask for volunteers in psay or advert, I will pick four house founders, one to be Bellatrix, three to be the chosen students and two snatchers. Salazar will only want thest students to be snatched, these students will be given certain names, the chosen snatchers job is to snatch these three students and bring them to Salazar. Salazar Slytherin will be given tasks by me, he will have to do the tasks that have mainly be mentioned above but more will be given by me when I host the event. All volunteers will be given a full explanation on what to do and will be given tasks by me on what to do, no one will be left confused.

Extra Event:

[Image: jack-russel-looping.gif?p=projectImageFullJpg]
Passive RP

A Tarantino Party!
  • A Tarantino Party is here at Hogwarts! It's time for everyone to meet the dogs to enjoy their time here with them! 10 volunteers will be needed to be the dogs, and will be modeled into them as soon as possible. There will be this shop with many accessories that people can see. Relatives of Hogwarts may buy gifts from this shop and give them to a certain dog, the dog with the most gifts will be the unique dog. Each dog will be in a cage and the cage will be big enough to fit gifts inside that are given by relatives. Later on, a dog is actually stolen from the shop, and the shop workers have no clue who stole the dog, the dog must be found immediately, the worse thing is, this dog was auctioned and brought by a student, and this student files a complaint on the the shop and the task is for the shop workers to find the dog and the individual who stole the dog before it is too late!

Plan, how it will work:
  • When the Tarantino Party has been set up and is ready, it will be announced in everyone's screen that "A Tarantino Party has arrived at Hogwarts, go make your way to the inner courtyard to have a look at what is happening!" Each dog will have a different colour/material to make them look different because if they looked the same, it would be boring! Each cage will be made differently for the ten dogs and tasks will be given out to those shop workers in order to find the missing dog/the individual that stole the dog, if others would like to help the shop workers find the dog/the individual that stole the dog they may do so, once the dog/the individual who stole the dog is found, it must be said in @ chat or advert.

The Mischievous Lions!
  • The Mischievous Lions have came to Hogwarts to show everyone what entertainment is really like! These lions will look like normal lions, they look like friendly lions but really, they are lions that are here for human skin and meat, the venom that they have is posionous and toxic, they have the ability to make humans go crazy and deluded just by their venom, they can die by the venom. The lions are very sociable and like to hang around with humans, but they are only doing so just so they can get their human skin and meat, these lions are hungry you know! The fangs and teeth on these lions are sharp, so it won't be nice to be bitten by these!

Plan, how it will work:
  • When the Mischievous Lions arrive at Hogwarts it will be announced in everyone's screens. The Mischievous Lions will be in the outer courtyard, in this place that looks like a Zoo, this is where they will stay. Four volunteers will be need to be the lions. The task for the lions is to get the trust from the students and everyone in Hogwarts just so they can manage to get their human skin and meat because these lions are looking for a meal to eat! Some students will be targeted by these lions just because they have meat and skin that is not normal, there skin and meat tastes appetizing, and once them students are killed, the students will come back to the Zoo and will look for more victims and prey. Players who want to participate (want to be the lions or a victim, must ask in @ chat. They can only be four lions but they can be as many victims as they want, but players who wants to the victims must sign up). This will be explainined on the Server by me when it happens just so things don't get too confusing or annoying.

Tommy and his Followers

  • Tommy and his followers have arrived at Hogwarts! They have come for both, positive and negative reasons. Positive reasons being to re-do the school. There plans is to put new systems in place, like new discipline systems, warning systems, class systems and friend systems. Negatives being making the discipline system a lot more stricter. There plans is to make the discipline system a lot more stricter and this will not come out in a positive outcome, of course! Tommy's plan is to become the new headmaster, his plan is to show everyone what a proper school looks like! Tommy does become the new headmaster. He does something which is very unfair, not necessary, he puts his followers in charge as well, he is lenient to them but he isn't lenient to the students and workers of hogwarts. Further into the event, someone finds out that he is a part of the dark forces, and he cannot be the person who runs hogwarts so students and some selected aurors come together to take him down, they have decided to send Tommy and his Followers to prison! The Aurors task is to cuff them and flush them down the toilet leading them to jail and the task for the students is to assist the aurors, help them accomplish their task because if the task goes wrong, then Tommy and his followers will remain the leading people of hogwarts.
Plan, how it will work:

When Tommy arrives, they will be an announcement for everyone to go down to the kitchen near the Hufflepuff Dorms, and Tommy will be explaining why he is here, and once Tommy is done explaining why he is here, one of his followers will explain why his folllowers have come with him. Tommy will be given specific tasks and so will the followers (the tasks will be given by me) the tasks for them is to put the systems in place. (I will tell them which systems to put in place) Tommy will explain what these systems will do and he will carry them out for both the students and professors, if one refuses to not follow the system, they will not be arrested, they will instead be flushed down the toilet. When Tommy gets found out to be a member of the dark force, 4 selected Aurors will have tasks in order to take him down and students/relatives who are willing to help the aurors accomplish their task may help!

All events and Passive RP will have an explanation given before it happens in-game to make sure everyone knows what they are doing within the event/Passive RP.

(15.) Do you have any experience using ULX or building on Garry's Mod? -
Yes, it's personally of my strengths.
(16.) You understand and realize, that by applying for staff on the server also means, that you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to RP freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues at hand no matter the situation? -
Yes I understand.

(17.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If they were accepted, please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application) -

https://starbystargaming.com/showthread.php?tid=2900 -
I got denied because I didn't meet the required year/prestige.

https://starbystargaming.com/showthread.php?tid=3150 -
I requested the thread to be locked as I took some advice from a staff member.

https://starbystargaming.com/showthread.php?tid=4940 -
This application got locked for being 30+ days old.

https://starbystargaming.com/showthread.php?tid=5731 -
This application got denied and locked for advertising, but I never meant for it to be advertising.

https://starbystargaming.com/showthread.php?tid=6156 -
I requested the thread to be locked.

This Application got accepted.

I requested this application to be locked.

This application was locked for advertising, I apologise. It's my mistake.

I requested this application to be locked.

Side Note: If you're all wondering why I have applied for Gamemaker, it is because I generally enjoy Gamemaking more and if you're all wondering how I got Gamemaker on Halo, it's because they was in need of Gamemakers and they was taking Gamemakers without them putting Applications up at the time so I offered to help and I passed my trial event and managed to become a Gamemaker.

Thank you for reading my Application!
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Holy crap, just woke up and decided to read this post. Overall I am pretty impressed. 

From the outside looking in:
1) He's already a trusted staff member for 2 of our servers.
2) He's already a moderator on that server and wants to move to gamemaker. (I always support these situations.)
3) He's already gotten gamemaker experience from HaloRP. 

Unless there is any issues that I am ignorant about - to me this is a pretty safe choice. +1
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Until we see each other again <3
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With respect,
I am still of the opinion that the events presented here are not up to par. Well, from my perspective anyway.
This is for varying reasons:
-Some events presented are underdeveloped, and lack that extra layer of depth and explanation.
-Some show a lack of consideration for the wishes of custom owners in multiple areas
-Some are uninteresting (e.g, One of your passive events involves a woman handing out objects... which leads to my previous point about events being underdeveloped) 

I would scrap such events that do not evoke charm, humor, or--- have something compelling in it. I understand this may all just be a matter of perspective, we all have different opinions.

Of note is a previous Gamemaker application locked for advertising.
Now, it would be awfully hypocritical of me to pretend applicants who have their applications locked for this, or similar misconduct 'cannot do well' and should be disregarded. Further, you have applied for this position several times before.
While I acknowledge and commend you for this, I cannot 'kid myself' and pretend the events presented are terribly impressive.

I do not think your experience as a GM on Clone wars should be considered (insofar as, it should not be considered as proof you would be a good Gamemaker, it may well be useful in showing other things, e.g trustworthiness). 
HogwartsRP is just an ostentatious journey into a lunatic asylum.
A myriad of cancerous shitfuckery.
The good Gamemaker asks:
"How shall I best have fun with that infernal blackness today?"
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Thank you Gina for your honesty, I'll be sure edit the events and the Passive RP events to make it more detailed and to make it look more understanding. Also, I never meant for my experience on Halo to be considered as I believe it shouldn't either, all it shows is that I know how to use the ULX and Tools. Thank you for your comment.

Also, thank you Ritchie and Jacktot for being honest, I'll be sure to put what you said into account.
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Sorry jack but -1 from me
Same reason as I stated on your staff manager app.
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+1 same reasons on the last app I commented on

edit: not sure why ya'll aren't giving him a chance to prove himself. before everyone said it's because he just wanted to use mod as a stepping stone and all that shit. maybe now you'll see he's serious? or just deny it again like before lol
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Honnestly I believe that would do great GM.You know the rules really well and you have gamemaking experiance.Other than that your events look fine,it would be a nice break from the constant passive RP and besides we need more active gamemakers on.
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Im going to give you a +1, Everyone deserves a shot at something if they can show there up for the task and I believe you could be a great addition to the staff as a Gamemaker as you have shown you can handle being staff with your moderating duties and gamemaking duties on HogwartsRP and HaloRp and from what iv'e seen you are active on the EU timezones which is a big plus because the server does tend to get boring at that time as no staff are usually on. Wish you the best of luck on your application.

(Im very proud of myself, wrote this on phone)

Not that I have the mindset of a GM, I think you've waited long enough and think you deserve a shot. Neutral to +1. 
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Heart +1 Heart
I would like to start off with I do not have much knowledge of gamemaker’s and what makes a good one. 
But, I know that Jack is a very kind person and would try his best.
By reading his application, I can see he has put Lots of effort into it.
I feel as if he was given a chance to show what he can do would be good.
There is always a trial for a reason.
And I think he deserves one.
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