[EU] Jack's Gamemaker Application (Updated Regularly.)


Jack has obviously put a lot of effort in to his whole application, especially when it comes to creating his own events and just the application as a whole, he is clearly dedicated to becoming this role in the future and I support you fully. I think you would make a great addition to the team as a gamermaker.

All the best, and good luck with your application. ~~ Oliver

Neutral leaning towards +1

I feel like you've waited long enough. You're obviously dedicated as you've applied for GM a couple of times now so a shot at Trial wouldn't hurt... Afterall, that's what it's there for.
Who knows? I personally think you have the potential to be a good GM. Good luck Jack
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I'm a simple man, I see something I like, I like it.

Now that's cleared up I'm a strong believer that the moderation and gamemaker "dodging" as I'll refer to it as hasn't really helped you in the long run.

Now I'm not unreasonable, I've seen you trying to accept criticism and improve, which isn't easy to do
This alone gives it a positive outlook.

I believe you need to prove yourself.

I know I'm not in the correct position to suggest this, but perhaps talking with Gina, Miro, Sibyl, etc. about making an event and just shadowing them in the development process. You can learn what it takes, then try and make a brand new event from scratch from what you've learned. We could then trial this (under supervision) and depending on feedback from the community and other staff and gamemakers respectively it can be granted on a consistant performance basis.

Probably a horrible idea from me but how I feel is that you need a chance Jack. This is how I think you'd benefit from that.

Imma give you a +1 for a chance but NEUTRAL for the actual application. 

Hope you understand (even if this is more an example than explanations) but I feel others posts kinda give you those so I didn't just wanna add a mindless post.

Either way have a good one my guy
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