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You have had so many bans and warnings yet you never learn. Hopefully this ban which is technically a permaban will get through to you that you need to stop if reduced and if not then it’s your fault because you’ve had soooo many bans repeatively.

Yes, this exactly.


So is it gonna be a permaban or nah?

I understand that I have been a bit of a troll and a minge at times on Hogwarts RP, and I have continually broken rule 3 and have committed a large number of RDMs.  For this I am genuinely sorry, and I genuinely want to turn over a new leaf and continue to play along side you folks and hopefully have a good time together.  I would like to integrate with the rest of the community to build a better community that I can contribute to.  I honestly do not want be someone who takes away from other people's experience, but instead someone who adds to that experience in a positive fashion.  I will adhere to the rules of Hogwarts RP in the future if given the opportunity and do my best to have a good time while making sure everyone else is having fun, too.

At this point, it appears futile to ask for forgiveness or another chance as I have likely ran out of both, but I would like to issue to apologies to folks who are deserving, regardless of outcome.  There are likely others here that I have missed that are deserving of apologies as well, but these folks in particular deserve them:

Hazel @Hazel Curze-Wintertale ,

I'm sorry for my behavior during sits and my demeanor during appeals.  I'm also sorry for spamming your discord and being a troll.  You spend a lot of time contributing to a community that I have only taken from and not given anything back to.  Hogwarts RP is lucky to have your dedication and patience and you are entitled to more respect than I have given. I have completely taken advantage of you and your kindness. I hope you can accept my apology.

Kelly @Kelly Sparkles-Bubble ,

I'm sorry for taking your patience and kindness and not appreciating how much you do for me and the server.  I'm also sorry for the times when I have responded to that kindness with less than respectful language and demeanor.  You are obviously a very sweet girl who is just doing the duty of a position that you hold in a game, and you deserve better treatment that what I have given at times.  I'm sorry for being given repeated chances by you and not taking them seriously.  I'm also sorry for spamming you on discord, it was unnecessary an out of line. I guess you were right I do have some maturing to do.  I promise to take you seriously in the future and to not disrespect you. 

Roman @Roman Godfrey ,

While I won't concede my stance on the ban you gave me for casting "firestorm', I will; however, admit that you also did not deserve the things I said to you.  Having become more familiar with you over time and speaking with you on discord I can tell I had you pegged wrong, and that you're probably a pretty cool dude.  You don't seem to haven taken the things to heart and probably don't care about an apology one way or the other, but regardless, here it is.

Perseus @Perseus Peverell Plouton 

I've been pretty rude towards you a few times, and you didn't deserve it.  I hope you can take what I said previously with a grain of salt and accept this apology as the words you are truly deserving of.  Best of luck not only with your RP time, but with life in general.

I know I've probably burned my bridges here, but all that aside, y'all are deserving of better behavior than what I subjected you to.  I am genuinely apologetic in that regard, as well as for my behavior in game.  I appreciate the time and effort it took to construct and maintain this server and I'm sorry I haven't shown it better.  I hope y'all continue to enjoy HogwartsRP and maybe I'll see you in 50 years.

Hey Larry, after the communities feedback and my own thoughts
I think it's best that you take some time and stick out this ban a little longer.
I do in fact encourage you to appeal this ban in 2 weeks to a month from now and show me you've learned.
This seems to have been your most apologetic appeal and I appreciate that, but at this time I am going to have to Deny this appeal.
I really hope what you have said is true, and you truly mean it. I want to see another appeal out of you.
I suggest you take this time to think and learn your lesson.

Appeal Denied

Lock Please:

Thread Locked
Ban Appeal Denied,

you may re-appealed in a week?
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