Poll: Out of these three options, which concept would you prefer for scholar models?
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5 10.20%
Fantasy Witch & Wizard
21 42.86%
Mythological Hybrid
23 46.94%
Total 49 vote(s) 100%
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Scholar Model Preference

What would you prefer the scholar models to look like? Please vote in this poll or share your opinions. I will also provide some image references to help illustrate a concept for each option in this poll.


A simple concept that could reflect modern times. This would probably only work if we are wanting to explicitly be in modern times, however. But we can do whatever we want.

[Image: Cd1l1fl.jpg]

Fantasy Witches & Wizards:

This is something that, quite frankly, our older theme lacked a lot of. An extremely 'magical' looking route that could work for any time frame or theme.

[Image: b1e5c3cfc69979a022dbeec63205964c.jpg]


This concept is basically taking the idea of witches and wizards and hybridizing it with our current Greek theme. Can be used regardless of the frame we decide on if we decide on one at all.

[Image: PYSQvor.png] [Image: 66FuI31hT-CtDdgy3UgLGQ.png]

Keep in mind that the attire doesn't need to dictate the time period, and additionally, it wouldn't have to look exactly like these images. These are just concepts to help convey the general ideas. The university could have a dress code that doesn't necessarily reflect what society is currently wearing otherwise, especially if we are considering our university to be in a different 'realm', for example. Also feel free to share any ideas or concepts you may have.

Why not all of them, people from all walks of life may come to the school and might just have different styles as their preference.

what if you replace the modern style with dark academia?

it looks something like this

[Image: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ac/b3/80/acb38...310696.jpg]

which hence will look like this

[Image: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/92/fc/a4/92fca...9fb8ca.jpg]
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I'm gonna have to agree with Luke here minus the "modern" students.
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On a second thought, yeah I think modern doesn't fit due to the server theme which is Greek mythology, the other options without modern would have fit the most
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"i freaking love vb.net programming and literature"

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I feel like an important part for the "scholar" is that the model looks like it would be a student, whether it be modern or mythical. A school uniform is probably important for the model, robes would probably be cool, and (most important) the model looks a little bit goofy, like the previous student model.

in the world of gmod, there's no reason to not include all 3.

in the world of magic, i don't think warlocks who make deals with powerful entities (the mythological look) would ever study with sorcerers and wizards, in a perfect world only the second would be selected- but remember how there were certain models on the previous server that also had certain characters in casual attire and certain people preferred that way more and it didn't break RP. 

The mythological ones would either be visitors to the school or some sort of security/bad entity. 

so ideally, just the second pic and maybe the first. realistically, they're all fine.

(07-02-2022, 02:53 PM)MooMoo Wrote:
I'm gonna have to agree with Luke here minus the "modern" students.

This ^ Also women with cat ears :flushed: 
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I feel like a mix of the three would be good. A sort of modern (1930s) longcoat with pockets, with elements of mythology and wizardry into the mix. Maybe some reagents on the belt loop, and the greek wreath symbol on a chest pocket.
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 Red is my opinion on the subject
Green is just for good vibes.(DONT READ IF U DON'T WANT TO)
Orange is a suggestion/example of how poll should be executed

I would also like to say that i don't wanna be held responsible for green if you don't wanna read it don't i put on a disclaimer

1) Anything but the catboys and catgirls man,I know the farm needs crops but plant some lettuce instead of potatoes for those little americans.

2) I speak in code for the sake of the information im trying to present to the public.I said nothing but i also said too much

3) The point made in 2) means that Myranda cannot accuse me of being guilty or judge me just based on the code i spoke unless she has a valid proof of what it means

4) Incase we don't get catboys and catgirls (THANK GOD) i think Miro should get the job so we feel right at home

5) Since hitting the mark called "Feel right at home" was on your plan i am also not held accountable for the 4) point

6) Further proof for 4),5) Miro=Catboy.Very simple

7) Modern is boring so i think after we see the top two options.We can redo the poll on just those two options,so we get a more accurate view on what the community wishes.

Quick example:(numbers are fake and made smaller for easier comparison)

We have 3 options,and in the first poll

1. option got 8 votes
2.option got 4 votes 
3.option got 11 votes              

In this case we get an option 3.For the whole community even tho actually more of the community was against it 
AKA (8+4=12)

So if we redid the poll we could be more accurate,Yes the 3.option could still win,Cause not everybody would vote for 1.

But incase we have to give the community the room to choose,maybe they hate 3. more than 1. so they go for 1. in the end

Making the results of the second poll

1.option got 12 votes
3.option got 11 votes
U might say well Mat half of the community is still not happy.
Well at least we showed our players devotion to this new project and that is the right thing to do

For further proof and devotion to the community i am willing to give you a VALID super VALID evidence in the attachments of this post


On 13.7.2022 In Europe at 21:40h or 9:40pm this screenshot was taken(look below the post,no don't worry it's not your mom)

It shows that options earned this much votes

1. 5 votes
2. 18 votes
3. 22 votes

Still following along ???

and to put it in the perspective if we redo the poll.5 votes from 1. option can be split/directed to any of those to meaning the 22 votes from the 3. option could now be less than option 2. in this case that is 23.

MEANING THIS IS OUR END RESULT   23>22 in favor of 2.option

Love you The guy hope this reaches you in time,Best of luck im looking forward to returning


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