Server crashes with just 4 people on it

I was wondering why the server crashed with just 4 people on it

video proof of the crash

could it be the snowman bosses again?

Yo forum staff must be on vacation for the Christmas period for Larrys comment to go unnoticed like that.

Don't worry I saved a screenshot and I'll add it to the library of other things Lexa deleted that puts her in a bad light along with Genes comment on the deleted announcement thread.

I think when the new map is released Guy needs to do some reshuffling of the forum staff too.

But in order to keep this comment on the topic of the thread, with the server as it is now there's not many people online who can keep an eye out to see if there's a pattern for example the boss spawning crashing the map. Hope it gets fixed soon.


Happy New Year everybody

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Volters are DDOSing it, they're jealous

fucking fools

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